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INSIGHT driven recruitment by CONNECTED specialists

Insight is not data. It’s delivered through knowledge and experience. Insight into the market, people, process and motivations.

Connected globally to clients, markets, candidates and advisors. Connected internally as a team of subject matter experts.

In a nutshell

VIDA operate across global sectors, with an experienced team of connected specialists immersed in their industry and network. Approaching projects with purpose, VIDA’s frank but agile approach to solutions, has supported innovative start-ups through to truly global organisations in their access to talent. 

Professionally informal (we have suits but don’t feel the need to wear them) -  our long term relationships and fast growing new ones all receive the same focus and energy in order to provide them the due diligence behind their people decisions

What we do

We are all about innovation with technology at its core. Our clients represent some of the most exciting start-ups and scale-ups that are disrupting the status quo and innovating to create new markets and value networks in life sciences and disruptive technologies globally.

Life Sciences

VIDA is a partner to start ups and SME’s and investors across the MedTech, Biotech...

VIDA is a partner to start ups and SME’s and investors across the MedTech, Biotech and Pharmaceutical markets globally. We have partnered with companies at all stages of their development (early stage to commercialized) across APAC, Europe and the US to help build teams and businesses. Our approach is built around the unique needs of ever-evolving healthcare startups so flexibility, transparency and collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. 

FinTech & Payroll Solutions

We are active and passionate members of the payroll solutions and fintech communities in the...

We are active and passionate members of the payroll solutions and fintech communities in the UK. Working with both leading solutions providers and agile start-ups (some seeking funding). We provide them with access to the diverse talent that is moving in these fast paced, growing sectors.

Just some of our ongoing projects


US Team Build

Israel based Neurovascular start up with recent FDA clearance now scaling up aggressively to support commercial launch in the USA and expand across Europe. High profile recent exec hires to lead into the next phase.

Territory Managers - Germany x 2 

Territory Managers - US wide 

Clinical Specialist - Atlanta 

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Houston, US

Senior Director Immunology

German based Biotech committed to delivering the power of T cells and to unlocking new avenues for patients in their fight against cancer now expanding in the USA due to the success of several products form a wholly owned pipeline

Lead and develop team of 9-10

Cell and Gene therapy experience needed 

Houston based, relocation available 

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EU Marketing Director - Structural Heart

US based Structural Heart start up with CE approval and FDA clearance on the way is looking to hire their first EU based Marketing Leader to support direct and in-direct markets via upstream and downstream marketing channels.

Report directly to the Sr Director, Sales and Marketing 

Play a key role in the company's vision and direction for continued commercialisation efforts in Europe 

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What's important to us

Carbon Neutral…& beyond

We pledged to go Carbon Neutral in 2021 and sustainability is now in our DNA.

We pledged to go Carbon Neutral in 2021 and sustainability is now in our DNA. But we wanted to go further than just making the necessary changes internally and add a bigger contribution. Our global client base means inevitable travel during recruitment processes by both candidates and clients can be extensive and as such comes with a big carbon cost.

Through developing a true market-leading solution we are now working with three global gold standard sustainable projects to offset the carbon impact of each recruitment process.

We will be asking our clients and partners to support us in this pledge and work with us to drive sustainable business practices.

Diversity & Inclusion

It’s easy to say you live and breath D&I… we did, and then realised we...

It’s easy to say you live and breath D&I… we did, and then realised we needed to take a hard look in the mirror to understand who we were so we could help others. We analysed, assessed and built a roadmap to take us to a more inclusive and diverse business. It’s a learning curve and one we are investing in across all levels of the organisation and we are better for it. We continue to support all businesses in their D&I agendas and the delivery of unbiased recruitment.

The VIDA TeamBuild model is specifically suited to companies with a need to hire quickly and frequently, helping you to hire high performing and brilliant teams. In scale up situations needs evolve and change regularly so an agile and dynamic partnership is required that delivers enhanced talent access but giving greater freedom about who you hire and when. It is an “on demand” solution with continued individual, company, data and marketing resources at hand throughout the project. Ultimately it gives our clients the best people when they need them at greater value.

VIDA Team Build

Disruptive technology only ever reaches its full potential when its brilliance is matched by the brilliance of the leadership team. Our VIDA Search solution, delivered by our most experienced leaders, takes a global and insight led approach to executive search, giving you access to the best talent to bring your technology to life. We partner seamlessly with you to track down the most gifted and in demand talent for your business critical and senior strategic roles, whilst at the same time providing you with the due diligence and data behind your hiring decisions.

VIDA Search

Do you want a talent crystal ball? Do you want to know who and where the talent is before you need it? Imagine then already having engaged this talent so they are ready and willing to come work for you when the time is right. A traditional recruitment model is reactive and time poor. Often this means going to market for a short period of time to establish what talent is available at that precise moment. However, this does not build a detailed picture of the potential candidates you could attract with a more proactive approach. VIDA Insight allows us to build that picture for our clients and enable them to make strategic hiring decisions.

VIDA Insight

VIDA is a network of connected specialists. We partner closely with other brands that offer complementary specialist solutions. Matt Burton Associates – a highly experienced provider of complex Recruitment Process Outsourcing or Recruitment Process Partnership solutions…a one stop shop solution to create a bespoke talent solution, not only delivering all your hiring needs but building your employer brand and employee value proposition. Adamson & Partners – a Legal, IP and inhouse Counsel global search business. Working with businesses at the cutting edge of innovation globally to help protect the IP and technology you have developed.

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