CONNECTING clients and candidates within fast paced industries

In a nutshell

We are active and passionate members of the payroll solutions and fintech communities in the UK. Working with both leading solutions providers and agile start-ups (some seeking funding). We provide them with access to the diverse talent that is moving in these fast paced, growing sectors.

Within Payroll Solutions, we have a level of experience unseen elsewhere in the industry, we can provide a recruitment solution that not only isolates the best candidates on the market but also the most talented not looking to move.

New technology including fintech are changing the economic landscape through digital innovation.  Accelerated in 2020, we support fast growing businesses secure talented people across tech, change and commercial roles as they mature.

We thrive on supporting innovative businesses expand, and here are just a few who we work with

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What we do


We are sector experts with deep routed networks in specific disciplines. This combination allows us to use our experience to find, engage and deliver projects with pace and accuracy.  Many of our clients do not have holes to fill but will create and opportunity for the right people. This is where our insight comes to fruition as we are able to guide, match and facilitate opportunities being created for people in the market.

When a client does have a specific need, we deep dive into the detail, the culture, the challenges (as there are always hurdles to overcome) and provide the right approach. We won’t pull any punches, but our frank approach will often deliver amazing results and see us grow with the client.

From the tech team driving innovation to the commercial team winning new customers, we deliver talent pools across the UK and globally


Sales and Marketing

Business Development

Change & Transformation

Software Development

Cyber & Information Security

Dev Ops


A tech led Scandinavian company with no market penetration in the UK sought a leading candidate to drive sales in this market. We worked with the client to create a job specification, inform them about the potential opportunities and threats of the UK market as opposed to on the continent. We agreed a timescale and a process for the hiring process. A successful placement was made within 3 weeks, the first person appointed has since made additional UK hires and the organisation are among the fasted growing payroll companies within the UK.

UK Market Entry


A Leading UK based payroll provider sought a Head of Sales for a new division to focus on working exclusively with private sector blue chip clients. This was a particularly difficult role as not only did it require a candidate with expert knowledge of the industry and legislation, it required a candidate with the gravitas to command respect from companies operating with internal payroll of in excess of £100m per annum. Within our immediate network was a candidate we had engaged 2 years prior who specified this would be their ideal next move. After introduction, this candidate was offered and accepted the role, and within a year has progressed to directorship.

Creation of a new division


A start-up small payroll provider had been experiencing a static period and were seeking external applicants to stimulate new business, however were using their own network which had not been yielding results. After some negotiation, the client agreed to let me provide some alternative candidates, of which the first I introduced was successful. Within 3 months, this candidate had doubled their revenue, and within 6 months had been promoted to Sales Director. This provider is now recognised as one of the most respected growing providers and have expanded their sales force by an additional 3 people since the original placement.

Start-up growth